What Happened Today?

Feed Blocker
2 min readMar 15, 2021

Saturday, March 6, 2021.

Today we all came in with quite some good energy — a very different mood from last week. Maybe it’s spring approaching, a lighter work-week, an earlier morning, we don’t know, but we felt great today.

Starting today was the news — globally, locally, and personally. For some reason, one of us had google home playing the morning news, and we all decided to just listen in for some time. The major update globally is that the Covid-19 vaccination is progressing well — so that’s good. Locally, we spent quite some time talking about Toronto’s real estate market, building equity, and work-life balance. Personally, we discussed dating on Bumble, selecting photos, and making custom jewellery. Other than noting that the conversations lasted for about an hour, we’ll spare you the details.

So we decided to get to work on the FeedBlocker site. For now, we decided to go with three sections for the website: Reduce distractions, why block feeds?, and Who are we?. Because we decided to make the site from scratch and learn through the process, making modifications to the page is quite an interesting process.

For example, formatting the page to have certain font types, sizes, colours, and alignment is something that we decide on together. Given none of us has a backrgound in design, it’s fair to say making and implementing those decisions can be quite challenging.

Regardless, we are quite happy with the result of our work today and will work to include a few more items to the website, such as a simple description of how it works. Additionally, we discussed possibly starting to explore a new project next week and perhaps start wrapping up this project for now.

We’ll see how it goes.

For now, stay focused.